The Beautiful Souls We Said Goodbye To In 2019

What a year 2019 was. A year of awakening and transition…that came with an overwhelming amount of loss. We said goodbye to a heartbreaking number of beautiful animal souls that I photographed (and fell in love with) over the past decade.

Thank you to those of you who reached out to let me know of your loss. It truly touches my heart to be thought of, as I often think of you.

Those of us who love our animal companions understand that we never have enough time together and we know to cherish every moment.

Every single one of these animals was deeply loved by their people, led wonderful lives and deserve to be remembered.

I have put together this tribute video to show just how beautiful and unique they all were. You can also find it on Instagram and Facebook.

Sending love and light to all of you who are navigating the devastating loss of a loved one.

Marcia xo

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9 comments on “The Beautiful Souls We Said Goodbye To In 2019”

  1. Julie Cook says:

    Thank you Marcia for the wonderful tribute. The pictures are stunning, and your empathy and connection to our pets is wondrous.

  2. Sandra says:

    What a beautiful tribute to these beautiful souls! I lost my sweet Shelby in October of 2015. The pain is still with me, but time has allowed me to also feel the joy of our time together. I wish the same for all who have lost loved ones.

  3. Cathy says:

    That was the most beautiful tribute Marcia to the many beautiful souls that blessed our lives. I knew at least two of them I and the emotion that came over me tells me how much I love them.. Thank you so much for what you do you are a jewel in our lives and we love you so much
    One of your favourite fans

  4. Nancy Prada-Walters says:

    hi marc thank you so very much i am at a loss for words love you uncle wayne

  5. Barb Warneke says:

    Thank you Marcia for this beautiful tribute. I still miss Tori so much but thanks to your fabulous portrait of her, she will always be right here with me.
    Love Barb

  6. France Simard says:

    I love how you captured all these beautiful souls. Thanks Marce. xox

  7. Judy Crawley says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing portraits of my Emma. Her passing left a huge hole in my heart and my life but when I look at her pictures you managed to capture her personality and her soul.
    This is beautiful tribute to those we lost and I thank you.

  8. Bev McMullan-Kungl says:

    A beautiful video but so very sad. Much loved members of their families who loved their families unconditionally. Heart breaking, however, I’m sure their families have many wonderful memories of their beloved pets. Rest in peace…you’ve earned it.

  9. Milou's Uncle says:

    See you later Milou, dont cause too much trouble over the rainbow bridge

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