Chester Copperpot – Available for Adoption

UPDATE: Chester has been adopted into a loving home! 

This handsome boy came to me while I was searching for my lost cat.

I answered a “FOUND ORANGE TABBY CAT” Craigslist ad without a photo. When I went to see for myself, the cat in question was not my cat at all (not even the right gender).

The woman told me how she found him. She heard him wailing in distress under a bridge. She let him know she was friendly and he came running to her.  With nobody else around or any homes in sight, she decided to take him in for the night. Unfortunately she hadn’t had any luck finding out where he lived by the time I answered her ad.

When I came to visit, he was hiding under her bed. As soon as I knelt down and coaxed him with soothing words, he poked his head out and pushed it into my hand for some scratches. It didn’t take long for him to come out from under the bed, use the litter box and have a bite to eat…right in front of me. Good boy.

Another cat was already established in her house and made it clear that she wasn’t a fan of having another feline visitor. So, I told her I would do my best to help find his home.

I had him checked right away for a microchip…no such luck…but I did find out he’s neutered.

From the look of his rough paws and dirty coat, I believed that he had been an outdoor cat for some time. Definitely not feral, but I had a feeling that he may have been lost for a long time or forgotten.

So I brought him home with me. I mean, he was the right colour and everything. 😉

After a few hisses exchanged with Archie (another male orange tabby) he settled in nicely. He didn’t bat an eye at my two dogs either, nor did they to him. It was incredible how quickly he was accepted into the pack. Within days they were laying on the bed together.

I started calling him Chester Copperpot (reference from one of my favourite movies).

He spent almost two months with us so I got to know him well. He has an easy-going personality. He is still learning to be more affectionate, but he allows me to pick him up and give him a little snuggle without a fight. He even lets me trim his nails without a fuss. He is vocal when he wants something (usually treats…he LOVES treats!) and rubs up against my legs every morning.

I let him outside in the backyard to enjoy the beautiful days. He always came back with a spring in his step when I called him (and shake the treat bag…have I mentioned he loves treats?!). I couldn’t deny that pleasure to a cat so used to the freedom of the outdoors and I truly hope he finds a home surrounded by backyards to explore.

While caring for him, I used social media, online ads and posters to find out if he had people out there missing him. SIDE NOTE: If you don’t know about the Helping Lost Pets database you should. After two months without any luck I knew it was time that I took the next step to find him a forever home, before I became even more attached to him. I was also hoping that my cat karma would help bring my girl home (still waiting).

I brought him to the wonderful people of Toronto Animal Services where they have kept me abreast of his care. They approximated his age to 7 years old and he is in great health. They took care of a broken tooth, so I know he is in better shape now than when he arrived.

Seriously folks, Chester is a catch! Get yourself down to TAS and meet him.


UPDATE: Chester has been adopted into a loving home! 

Chester and Archie got along like brothers in no time. 
Chester is comfortable around dogs. THIS happened after only 4 days of staying with us. 

He loved sunning and stretching in the window. I hope he finds that joy again in a home very soon.

Go meet this sweet boy at TORONTO ANIMAL SERVICES right away. His TAS FILE #A688919

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