Farewell Bridgette

Monday was a heartbreaking day for my close friends, who said goodbye to their sweet girl, Bridgette. she was only 8 years old, but she had been been diagnosed with a condition that, in the end, was not curable. they didn’t want their lovely girl to suffer any more.

I visited Bridgette and her family a few weeks ago…and she was having a very good day. I brought her a big bone and we all hung out in their yard on a gorgeous summer late afternoon.

Miss you beautiful Bridgey. Love you Claytons. xo

(photographed in 2008 and 2014)



3 comments on “Farewell Bridgette”

  1. Patricia Lynn says:

    Godspeed beautiful girl…

  2. Diane Walton says:

    What a sweet girl. So sad saying goodbye to our pups:(

  3. Wendy Clayton says:

    Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures of our Bridge….we still can’t believe she is gone.

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