The Best Surprise Ever!

my niece is like me in many ways…especially how much she loves animals. she has been bugging her mom (just like i bugged mine) for years with the question, “when can i have a dog?! when can i have a dog?!”

i was 9 years old when the time was right in my home and i remember the day my puppy came home like it was yesterday. it was definitely one of the most amazing moments of my life.

this weekend (one week before my niece’s 10th birthday), was THE DAY her dream of having her very own dog was going to come true. the best part was, she had no idea that it was happening.

she arrived home to the best surprise of her lifetime…and you better believe i was there to capture the momentous event.


my niece walked in to her bedroom to find a little fuzzy bundle on the bed (scroll to the bottom of the post to view the full video of the reveal).

“hello little puppy.”

“he’s really mine?! thank you mommy…i love you!”

it’s love at first sight! 

“what shall we name him?” (scroll down to find out what she named him…when the shock wore off)

what a perfect pair. 

happy family.

family snuggle time is the best.

i look forward to watching these two grow up together.the wee boy…and his name is…(keep scrolling down)

time for their first play in the yard!

now she has a buddy to spot her tumbling. 

one happy little girl!

lots of snuggles. 

and tender moments.

her friend came over to get some puppy love. 

Auntie Mellie also came over to meet the newest family member. 

and you better believe i was right in there to get some puppy love too.

kisses!the happiest little girl in the world right now. 

huge thank you kisses for mom…she sure deserves them!
and the little muffin meets his cousins Tichka…

and Little Dude…who should be happy that there is finally another boy in the family!

and the puppy’s name is…(as written by my niece).


Welcome, little Drake to the family!

2 comments on “The Best Surprise Ever!”

  1. Lynda D Hixson says:

    god bless the little fella …..can’t see his name as it won’t load …..but i hope he and kala make wonderful memories together

  2. marcia leeder photography says:

    thank you Lynda…had the big fixed…you can see his name now.

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