Recent Favourites Aug 1-16

you think your dog is talented? this puppy can walk on water! 

i love the determination on puppy faces when they are trying to catch up to the pack.

and while we’re on the topic of adorable things kids do…

guess who had his very first cottage adventure this weekend?

in only five weeks, Lexi has mastered almost all of the basic commands (stay and heel are coming along nicely) as well as a handful of tricks. she’s one smart cookie, but she still has enough puppy naughtiness left in her to keep us on our toes. puppies are like tiny vampires with these sharp teeth… it’s a good thing they have each other to play with.

the tree: nature’s scratching post.

i was photographing a 3-year-old boy outside of his house when he took my hand and pulled me over to the next door neighbour’s driveway. he was very proud to show me how he repaired the boo-boo on their car. good job buddy! 


i love putting together canvas wall collections. this new one of Oscar and his momma, during his last days, just might be my favourite of all time. the range of raw emotion takes my breath away… you can truly tell how much they loved each other. this is our new pal Maisey they we met on the weekend. what a beautiful smile! 

as far as i’m concerned this is the world’s coolest caterpillar. so glad he inched his way across our path. 

if there’s one thing i know for sure: puppies. grow. freakin’. fast. 

another summer long weekend. WARNING: those sneaky Marshmallow Monsters will be out in full effect. soooo…. the greatest thing in the world happened to me yesterday. who else wants some love from Ethel???!so it turns out that the coolest caterpillar in the world (as seen above) becomes the coolest moth in the world. i actually photographed one three years ago (sadly we found him that way). they are called the Cecropia Moth/Caterpillar and they fit right in with the other furry gingers. 


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