Weekly Facebook Round-up

Here’s what’s been happening on the MARCIA LEEDER PHOTOGRAPHY facebook page over the past two weeks!

i think somebody wants to go for a boat ride.

Cameron is enjoying her gift of freedom in the backyard today, spending most of her time chillin’ in her favourite spot on the top of the shed. happy 7th birthday silly girl!

gorgeous evening at the beach…after the rain storm.

working with cats can sometimes be tricky at first, but eventually they come out from under the bed.

i love browsing through my body of work and rediscovering little gems like this one of Mixer from 2010. she passed away last year, but i will never forget her expressive face and lovely ears.

while i have been working hard all weekend, i can’t help but picture what Tichka and LD are up to from minute to minute. right now they are probably going for their morning paddle boat ride with Nanny. ahhhh, it’s a good life.

wishing Scout, a beautiful old soul of a gal, a truly Happy 13th Birthday! it’s a very special milestone for many reasons. when she was a puppy, her momma would whisper in her ear, “forget this 10-12 (life expectancy for labs) crap. you’re gonna live to 13, okay?”. nearly 4 years ago a vet gave Scout 3 months to live…obviously she didn’t get that memo, because here she is still going strong. way to go girlie…you are so loved! xo

i love the idea of a doggie gate between two yards with dogs that are buddies. this is Clive hoping for an invite over to Teagan’s. how could you say no to that face?

the look on her face is priceless. Check out the funny captions from Facebook here.

“she’s my best friend. i love her.” – Riley, 6 years old



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