Recent Favourites May 16-31

there are a lot of boats going in the water this long weekend. who’s looking forward to the first boat ride of the season?!

hmmm… i wonder what they are communicating about here. 

apparently it’s snowing in parts of Ontario today. perhaps i’ll have the chance to get one more winter shoot in. 

get ready to take the plunge into a new week. 1, 2, 3… GO!

my guys LOVE boat rides. any type of boat. they’re up for the adventure. they will wait patiently in the boat at the dock until we’re ready to go.

need a light-hearted moment? perhaps this well-placed yawn will help. 

i do believe the saying “it’s a dog’s life” is a gross understatement when at the cottage.

DEFINING MOMENT: when i was in Costa Rica last month photographing the roaming dogs, i noticed a small group of women tourists watching me and chatting under their breath to each other. they eventually struck up a conversation with me because they just had to know why i was so fascinated with the dogs. i explained to them that the dogs were unique and beautiful. to them i was nuts! they thought the dogs were nothing more than scruffy mongrels begging for food. so i showed them the photo on the right. they immediately softened and admitted that they saw the beauty in that “scruffy mongrel.” at that moment, i realized that i have the ability to show people how animals look through my eyes… which is always… beautiful. 

HAS THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? you go to give your dog a kiss on their nose and at the exact same moment they lick their nose and you are caught kissing the underbelly of their tongue instead. I call it “The Slimey Surprise”!


there’s a wildcat in my yard enjoying the beautiful day!

my backyard landscape team is easily distracted by bugs.

when a bulldog is hell-bent on planting a big, wet, sloppy kiss on you there is no escaping… ever. 

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