Recent Favourites May 1-16

when you can’ t see over the fence line, you have to get creative. 

i feel like we all  need a spirit lifted. try this simple 4-step exercise with me:

1) close your eyes
2) imagine you’re holding a puppy…a big fuzzy, warm puppy with pink toes.
3) take a deep breath and take in a whiff of puppy breath.
4)give that puppy a huge squeeze

How do you feel??

Rough day? Need a hug?

big game tonight and my two little hockey fans are cheering for their team. GO LEAFS GO! 
In Costa Rica i met a squirrel that enjoyed drinking out of a glass.

i loved seeing iguanas in Costa Rica. if i moved slow enough i could get close to them. the locals named this guy Poquito. 

okay, Chaucer. tell me how you reeeeally feel about your bath. 

aaaand the Photo Bomb of the Week goes to Austin the pug. 

today my niece turns 9… she reminds me a lot of myself at her age, especially her huge love of animals. and they love her right back. 

every day at 5pm, while i’m sitting at my desk, i feel a light tapping on my leg, followed by a gentle mew. it’s my furry alarm clock reminding me that it’s dinner time. 

rise and shine sleepyheads… it’s time to start another day! 

we can all use a little hands-on healing now and then (take a big through-the-nose–dog-sigh). feel better?

if you mix an aardvark, a raccoon, a monkey, and a pig together, you get the most entertaining animal in Costa Rica. i present to you the “will do anything for food” coati. 

the howler monkeys in Costa Rica are amazing. have you ever heard them? they sound 10x larger than they actually are. 

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