Recent Favourites April 16-30

i discovered them this way only hours after they were reunited post vacation. i think they missed each other. 

Check out the lovely and talented Pearl E Girl, chilling out after her pampered treatment at the Cosmopawlitan Pet Boutique + Spa. 

today my girl turns 11 years young. i feel so lucky to have her in my life. she reminds me to enjoy every single day to the fullest… even when it’s snowing in April. Happy birthday Tichka! 

can you guess what this is??

here’s another hint…

the answer is A SWAN!

the best thing about leaving home is that there is always someone happy to greet you when you return. 

a Little Dude celebrated his 6th birthday a few days ago and he received the only gifts his wee heart desires… endless love and snuggles. 


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