Recent Favourites March 1-16

somebody seems to reeeeeeally be enjoying March Break. 

FACT: generally speaking, bulldogs are given the most entertaining names (and they are usually food related). this is Pierogi… ’nuff said. 

i’ll admit, now that the snow is melting, i’m going to miss that pretty white powder that decorates a gorgeous dog coat. 

my niece came over for a visit. she is absolutely smitten with my crew and gave them all tons of love. she loves using the blinking technique to communicate with the cats… too precious!

let’s celebrate the animals in our lives… how to relate to them, how we love them and definitely how they make us laugh. 

anyone else think that cats enjoy showing off how flexible they are?another stunning day at the beach. i feel lucky to live close to water, to have a place for my dogs to run free and that the weather has been glorious for the past few weeks for our Sunday ritual. 

BREAKING NEWS: the conclave has spoken and a new pope has been chosen. unfortunately it wont be Pope Archibald I. too bad… he totally rocks the hat. 

nothing like a good stretch to get the morning going! 

i will never tire of the play-by-play breakdown of the dog yawn. always, always, always makes me giggle. 

i love shaggy dogs!

it’s time to spring forward with daylight savings time! 

i am woman… hear me roar! Happy International Women’s Day! 

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