Recent Favourites January 1-16

“Dude, do you really expect me to want to go out… in THAT?!”

my cat Cameron became a bit of a recluse over the past 6 months. she had favourite spots in the house away from everyone and never socialized or came to me for affection. it was breaking my heart. my Christmas wish was simply for Cameron to join the family again. well, she did and even did me one better… she has pushed forward to be front and centre for the first time. welcome back Cammy! i had a lot of people ask me if the gingerbread cookies of my “ginger gang” on my holiday card this year were real. yes, they were…  i even made them myself! here are the other cutter options i was going to go with. i decided on the heads because they were easier to decorate. and yes, i ate them afterwards… and yes, they were delicious! 

it’s difficult for me to put away the lovely holiday cards we received this year. with each one that arrived i thought… “golly gee i sure know a lot of animal lovers!” don’t know how that happened! 

look who’s home from the vet! the dogs seem to have missed him… or are most likely checking out his new smells. thank you everybody for your encouraging words! i’m sure Sir Archibald will be back to his usual hijinks in no time. 

Archie seems to be getting back to his usual exhibitionist self. 

last week i visited Second Animal Hospital to take a staff photo and was greeted by Claude, the resident cat and front desk helper. i hear he is quite proficient with a keyboard. 

it’s quite possible that those sad beagle eyes and pouty lips will be the death of me. what do you think… would this face break your heart or what?

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