Recent Favourites October 16-31

an outtake from my shoot with Matrix. when she’s playing frisbee, she’s the happiest dog on earth. when she’s not, THIS is her expression. she sure knows how to tug on those heartstrings. 

happy and loving Earl wishes all of his friends around the world a Happy Pit Bull Awareness Day! 

for every rainy and muddy day, i always think of my pal Matrix and her love of a dirty game of frisbee.

somebody is not thrilled it’s Monday. i think he wants to go back to bed. either that or he wants me to stop taking his photo… hard to tell. 

does this dog look familiar? a little post-production experiment…

did you go purple with Little Dude today? 

time to do your happy shake… just try not to fling your eyeballs out of your head while you’re doing it. 

how about you start your day off with a big goofy grin from Rourke. smiling is infectious! 

i better sleep with one eye open tonight… yikes! 

SELF PORTRAIT TIP: make sure the camera hasn’t shifted before you get into position. 

sending good energy to my Tishers today. she has to go under for some dental work today (goodbye rotten tooth). i know it’s a standard procedure… but i still worry. 

i found a cute little fella hanging out in my flowers on the front porch. i hadn’t seen a praying mantis since i was a kid. 

Tichka is doing great after her procedures yesterday. she had trouble settling in last night until she snuggled beside me and rested her head on me. this morning she’s hanging out in the office keeping me company. thank you everyone for the good thoughts! 

there was a lot of food thievery going on at my Pet Valu shoot over the weekend (including my sandwich, which was compromised by one golden retriever who shall remain nameless). i had only turned my back for a second when this burglar took off with the treat bag. 

there is something pretty special about dog feet isn’t there?

baby dream smiles are the best! they’ll melt your heart in a split second. 

a first time event for me during a shoot. A DOUBLE PHOTOBOMB! 

…oh there it is! thankfully the damage from the storm last night was minimal. i hope everybody else on the East Coast is safe and sound. 

“where did the patio table go momma?”

post-storm there are a jillion new sticks on the ground to play with! leave it to dogs to find joy in every situation.
Nostalgia Friday: wishing these two monkeys a happy first birthday. wow, that went fast! 

it’s as if i have a cookie in my hand or something…assdgdsdsgdsf


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