Recent Favourites November 1-15

Nostalgia Friday: Tichka and kitten Archie sharing a moment the first week he came home. August 2010.

wishing a happy happy 9th birthday to our pal Kody! even though you may not be the best at catching one, may you have a ball of a day today. i know you’ll be spoiled silly. 

this is the very first all brown cat i have ever met. her name is Penny. isn’t she gorgeous?!

i always forget how nuts the cats get when i bust out the studio paper. they love to play hide and seek and chase each other around it. i guess cutting off the bits they wrinkle is worth it knowing they are having so much fun. 

Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. 

they were so excited to be at the beach yesterday that the second i let them off their leashes they took off full speed ahead and almost ran into the snow fence. 

it’s our favourite time of year at the Toronto waterfront… woo hoo! 

remember Charley the adorable bulldog pup i photographed in the spring? well here she is 6 months and 35 lbs later. 

our adorable pug friend Hummus.

this is wee Spencer. he makes me so freakin’ happy every time i look at him. i hope you have the same reaction. 


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