Coldplay – Glowing In The Dark

this week Coldplay brought their neon-inspired Mylo Xyloto tour to Toronto. i was fortunate to catch their second show last night (Tuesday July 24, 2012) where they rocked the roof off the Air Canada Centre (ACC)!

Chris Martin’s boundless energy…running laps around the entire stage, jumping up and down and even singing laying down on his back. the man’s got serious talent!

Jonny, Guy and Will playing their guts and hearts out (guys, i would love your current live version of  ‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’ to wake me up every morning…just putting that out there).

one of the reasons i love Coldplay, is their passion for their music. they leave it all out there on the stage.

not only did their passion, energy and music get me hyped, but the additional interactive elements they brought to the show got the entire audience involved. i won’t give out all their secrets, but i did have fun playing with the light-up wristbands.

from the bottom of my heart and soul…THANK YOU GENTS! i can’t wait for the next spectacular show. i hope you enjoy these.

“Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones” – Coldplay


5 comments on “Coldplay – Glowing In The Dark”

  1. Kailin Elizabeth says:

    love these, how did you do this? with a long f-stop?

  2. Melanie Leeder says:

    AMAZING! These could be the next album cover!

  3. Cathy Leeder says:

    Marcia, great photography that looked amazing I wish I was there, next time count me in.

  4. Sheila Boyd says:


  5. Kathi Newell-Nicholson says:

    absolutely love these. we were there monday night!

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