Concert Photography

recently i received my first official invite to shoot as media at a live concert event at  Sound Academy hosted by 102.1 The Edge.

as a huge music lover (especially live), having that access, feeling the vibration of the stage, all of the on-stage nuances, the lighting…was a pinnacle moment for me. i can’t wait for the next one!

check out the three bands i photographed and check out their music: Eight And A HalfDinosaur Bones and the headliner Young Empires. thank you gentlemen for a rockin’ show!


Eight And A Half, singer Dave Hamelin (formerly of The Stills)

Dinosaur Bones Young Empires 

7 comments on “Concert Photography”

  1. Dwyn Tomlinson says:

    Awesome shots – congrats on the big milestone!

  2. Christine Bode says:

    Great work Marcia! I have a good friend in Toronto who does a lot of rock concert photography too and he always has a blast doing it! Live music is BIG FUN! 🙂

  3. John S. Rait says:

    Looks great Marcia! You should definitely be doing more of this! x

  4. Aron Goss says:

    Great job Marce.

  5. Danica Barreau says:

    Amazing! I suppose I shouldn’t be suprised. Wonderful job, as always!

  6. Cindy Wozniak says:

    You are such a talented artist Marcia! So proud to know you. xo

  7. Tania says:

    Hi Marcia

    I am a photography student in Melbourne, Australia and stumbled across your website while researching pet photographers. I love your images, they are truly beautiful. I’ve always had a love of animals and photography so am hoping by the end of the year I will have started out in this field myself.

    But, that isn’t why I’m contacting you. While looking through your website I was drawn to the performance images. They are also amazing. I love the way you have captured the feeling of the performance, the artists emotion and the great lighting. I have just volunteered to take photos at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival to get experience in a new area of photography. Having never done anything like this before, I was wondering if you have a spare five minutes to provide any pointers you might have to help me capture the type of images you have.

    Thank you in advance for the assistance. I’ll sign up to your newsletter so I can continue to be inspired.


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