The Rescue Kittens of Catherine North Studios

allow me to introduce you to the beautiful (and available for adoption) 4-month old kittens of Catherine North Studios, Hamilton.


Catherine North Studios is a beautiful old church that became a recording studio. as soon as i walked in i knew that this is a church i would pray in…pray to the gods of music, that is. seriously check out this gorgeous space!

owner, producer and engineer Michael Chambers has worked with many of my favourite artists in that space…City and Colour, Whitehorse and one of my new faves Paul Federici. check out the list of talented artists that have walked through those doors. as a huge music lover, Michael you are now one of my heroes!

any-hoo…enough gushing…back to the kittens…

there are many feral strays in the studio neighbourhood. both Michael and Kathleen (the moral support behind Catherine North) have huge hearts and have been helping as many cats as possible, working with rescue groups to trap-neuter-release. they are already housing a few permanent ‘studio cats‘ (not to mention their two gorgeous Greyhound rescues) and feeding those cats too wild to come indoors. a few months ago, when the temperature dropped, Kathleen managed to persuade a mother and her kittens to take shelter indoors. the momma who they named Lila, sadly passed away last week. but they are still caring for her three kittens Katrina, Oscar and Lukas. now it’s time to find them permanent homes!


UPDATE February 29, 2012: Katrina and Oscar have been adopted, but handsome Lukas is still waiting to be scooped up by a lucky family. 


they were all so sweet as i photographed them relaxing on the vintage chairs around the studio, using the gorgeous light that was coming in through the stained glass windows.

KATRINA is a feisty girl who craves love and attention! This little tortie is a Hemingway cat with extra toes on her paws. You’ll need to get handy with a claw clipper to keep all those extra little claws trimmed! As the runt of the litter, “sneezy Katrina” had a rough start in life. But now that she’s healthy, this little kitten outruns and outplays all the other cats! Katrina’s favourite pasttimes include jumping and pouncing on her big brothers. She is an extremely affectionate cat who will run to you when you call her, then happily curl up and sleep on your lap. A real sweetheart!

she had a lot to tell me.
OSCAR is a handsome devil who will melt hearts for sure! He’s an adventurous little guy with a big purr. His purr is so loud, in fact, you can hear him across the room! Oscar is a confident cat whose favourite place to sleep is perched on the back of the couch, where he can watch over his entire kingdom. But when his courage fails him (ie. the vet’s office) the only place he wants to be is in your arms, as close to you as possible. He’s so easy to fall in love with! 
pinkest nose ever!
LUKAS is our gentle giant! This big boy with a big heart is also a Hemingway cat. He has extra toes on his front paws, earning him the nickname “Cool Hand Luke”! He has super-soft grey fur and a sweet, relaxed, easy-going disposition. His favourite place to sleep is on the couch, cuddled close next to (or under) his little sister Katrina. Lukas is a big kitten and will continue to grow — be prepared for a very large cat!
All three of the Catherine North Studio kittens will be fully immunized, dewormed, de-fleaed, spayed/neutered and available in March (visits and play-dates before then welcome and encouraged)!
to inquire about the availailbity of the kittens, please contact Kathleen at or 905.528.7142.

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  1. Vickie Sparks says:

    Now that is a pink nose! Sooooo adorable. I am sad I am so allergic cause I would snap up Oscar in a heartbeat!

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