The 12 Days of Christmas Countdown 2011

this year i decided to gather some Christmas photos through the years to help spread some holiday cheer (even a little Chanukah shout out). enjoy, share around and make sure to check out my 2011 holiday card in the next post!


Christmas Countdown, Day 12:  for just under $5 you can humiliate your dogs for an entire lifetime. 

Christmas Countdown, Day 11: ‘Waiting for Santa’

Christmas Countdown, Day 9:  check out this video to see rock star Tichka opening her gift. 

Tichka Opens A Present from Marcia Leeder Photography on Vimeo.

Christmas Countdown, Day 8: i wish this my video, but it’s not. seriously, this is the cutest thing you will see all day!

Christmas Countdown, Day 10:  there is a ‘present peeker’ in every household. 
Christmas Countdown, Day 7:  it’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights…


Christmas Countdown, Day 6: thanks to my hard-working production team, my holiday cards are stuffed, stamped, sealed and in the post! 


Christmas Countdown, Day 5: even though using animal heads makes it a little creepy, the JibJab ecards are always good for a laugh. click here to check out the video ecard:


Christmas Countdown, Day 4: ’twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even…the Dude.

Christmas Countdown, Day 3: my Christmas wish is for all of the shelter animals to find loving homes.

Christmas Countdown, Day 2:  i’m not the only one wishing it will snow this weekend.

2 comments on “The 12 Days of Christmas Countdown 2011”

  1. Jennifer Gillick says:

    Love it! All of it! Thanks for sharing your Christmas countdown. Wishing you and the rest of the Ginger Gang a very Merry Christmas…With warm wishes from the Gillick household 🙂

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