boys will be boys

the relationship between brothers is always an interesting one. one minute they are beating each other up and the next minute they are bonding with a man hug. males manifest their emotions in a physical way.

now throw in the fact that one bro is a dog and the other is a cat…it makes for some major entertainment from my perspective. (side note: Archie you are totally cut off from watching True Blood.)


it all begins with someone being tagged.

little vampire in the making goes in for the kill.

and now he’s getting ready to pounce.

oh ya…it’s GO TIME!

and for more laughs, check out the video featuring Archie the Ankle-biter:

2 comments on “boys will be boys”

  1. Kristen says:

    Love it!

  2. tara enever says:

    I LOVE these Marcia! It’s too cute how they play together. I see Tichka is beside LD … just far enough away, i imagine. : )

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