When Misko Met Larry

this summer i met Miss M and her gorgeous dogs. Misko and Midi, the Smooth Coat Fox Terrier rescues and her visitor Janko (now known as Larry), the Yorkshire Terrier puppy. we romped at the park for hours and got dizzy watching Misko (pronounced Mishko) run circles around everyone. i love the happy look on his face when he runs…tongue flying, pure joy! Midi, newly rescued was a little more laid back, but she has since started to come out of her shell. wee little Larry, his sassy attitude and sweet face broke every heart that passed by.

meet Misko, Midi and Larry.


Misko (the love of her life).

Misko’s super-duper energy is infectious!

he has springs in his hind legs.

look at the tonque fly!he kept running and running and running and running…meet Larry, the Yorkie pup. pretty cute huh?

the boys taking a stroll together. this is sweet girl Midi. she was newly rescued and very reserved beauty. she has since come out of her shell.  the doggy train…choo-choo!

i couldn’t resist this shot. what girl doesn’t love SHOES?!




One comment on “When Misko Met Larry”

  1. Kat says:

    I’m in love with that Yorkie pup! Fabulous shots, as always.

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