Weekly Facebook Round-up

find out what you missed on the MARCIA LEEDER PHOTOGRAPHY FACEBOOK PAGE last week:

i love taking all the kids out for a walk. as long as they are leashed i can handle them.

someone needs a lesson in how to play a little more rousing game of Hide and Seek. “men may come and go, but a dog stays by your side until death do you part.” ~ M. Leeder i only left my desk for a few minutes, but when i came back i found THIS on my chair. temptation presents itself in many different shapes, sizes and colours. overheard on our walk today: “Mommy, look at the silly doggie with that green thing on. he’s funny!”. yes, we’ve been getting many giggles and hushed comments in passing. who can blame them…is he not ridiculous? i love seeing cats sunning themselves during our early morning walks. who else wishes that they could lounge around all day kitty-cat style?

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