Weekly Facebook Round-up

check out the fun stuff you may have missed on the MARCIA LEEDER FACEBOOK PAGE.

Kea loves boat rides so much that she camps out until it’s time to go. she literally doesn’t want to “miss the boat.”

i love the look of a wet dog, but none so much as a Golden Retriever…the way their hair crimps, curls and waves gets me every time. i wish my hair looked that fab wet! (and yes, as some people pointed out…the smell…well, that’s another story).

 i’m loving my new green apple coloured sheets…unfortunately so does someone else. they will be covered in ginger hair in no time at all.a beautiful blonde Botticelli beach baby to greet your day today.look what tempted me all day at my shoot today. anyone else drooling at the mere sight of them? “the average dog has one request to all humankind…love me.” Helen Exley the one rule in my family: MUST LOVE DOGS! (and that’s not all of them)

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