Weekly Facebook Round-up

check out the hilarious outtakes from the MARCIA LEEDER PHOTOGRAPHY FACEBOOK PAGE and remember to share the smiles with your friends!

uh-oh…there’s a guilty dog in the house. the mattress tag police are on their way.

yep, that seems about right. one of my favourite stages to photograph children is when they lose their front teeth. that awkward yet adorable gap gets me every time…love it! ‘CREATE YOUR OWN CAPTION’ WINNER: (and there truly were some awesome ones this week!):

“You are getting sleepy, very sleepy. Now lay down the spoon, that’s it. Now drop the ice cream on the ground….good girl. Now, Sit back and read your book. You won’t remember a thing until I get to the last drop. Woof!” – by Sheila Ralph Byrne


“A spoon? Really??? Pfft…amateur.” – by Perdita Chivers

“Y’know..the other red head would let me have some…” – by Eileen Ross

somebody was a little upset that he missed the shuttle launch today. don’t worry buddy, you’ll catch the next one (i don’t have the heart to tell Astronaut Archie it’s the last one).

i’m having fun playing with a retro 8mm film app. check out Archie and Cameron 1970s style:

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