Weekly Facebook Round-up

here is last week’s round-up of  Marcia Leeder Photography Facebook posts. please feel free to forward the link. it’s a perfect email pick-me-up for your non-facebook friends. or click the ‘like’ button at the end of the post to share it on your wall. as usual i love to hear what your favourites are and why!


some days it’s little harder to get out of bed. Happy Monday everyone!

CREATE YOUR OWN CAPTION TOP THREE PICKS (it was really hard to choose from all of these awesome entries):

1. The effects of Ball OCD. – Veronique Diss

2. “Oh God! I’m not touching the cat nip in the garden again. Hey is that a meatball?” – Carlo Bellini

3. Maddie always liked taking the instruction “play dead” to extreme levels. – Julian Osen

i also heard from Maddie’s momma and this is what she thinks she’s thinking: “I hate it when my tongue sticks to the sand. Just gimme 5, really, 5 minutes and I’m ready!”

i am so happy now that i have the complete set for my desk.

Little Dude finds something in the grass. check out the video to see what it is!

just another typical day at the office. ye beware of the beast that lurks within the lush gardens of Greenwood Castle. it is ferociously protective of the tallest dandelion in the kingdom.

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