Weekly Facebook Roundup

Here is last week’s round-up of  Marcia Leeder Photography Facebook posts. It’s a perfect email pick-me-up for your non-facebook friends. please feel free to forward the link.


SPRING IS HERE! It’s wet and muddy and the labs are as happy as a pig in…well, you know the rest. oh Bailey…you Dirty Girl, you!

i just received a sad update that Wendell, from the Oakville Humane Society passed away a few months ago. He was the permanent greeter at reception. I was lucky enough to meet and photograph his handsome soul in 2007. Farewell, Wendell. XO

The parks are wet and muddy…but that doesn’t mean you can’t have FUN!

This afternoon I caught the Archie-Bishop of Caterbury mentally preparing himself to perform the royal wedding ceremony of Kitty-Kat and her Purrfect Prince tomorrow morning.

Today i’m sending lots of love out to my client and friend Erin and her family. This weekend they said to goodbye to the little man, Spencer. He will be greatly missed. xoxo

Somebody is clearly upset about the election results last night. I told him that he can mourn for one more day and then it’s time to move on and shave it off.

“May the 4th be with you!”

Someone’s been into the tequila…Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Little wagging nubbin between my feet. Wanna guess what kind of pup was attached to it? Find out here!

2 comments on “Weekly Facebook Roundup”

  1. Rose says:

    I love Little Dude with the Jack Layton moustache and Arch-Bishop. Hilarious! That action shot of the dog with the frisbee is fantastic! A great week of posts. Thank you always for sharing.

  2. Vickie Sparks says:

    Marcia – you are going to be hard pressed to beat Archi-Bishop for my fav pic EVER!!!!

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