Farewell Stanley

last night i learned that Stanley, the cat who first weaseled his way into my heart, passed away yesterday. he was 16 years old. his health was in question a few weeks ago but i hadn’t realized at the time how dire it was and i’m truly sorry i didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. oh Stanny, you heartbreaker you.

Stanley first became a big part of my life around 2004 and he lived with me for four years. he was the first cat that i lived with, the first cat i practiced photography on and the first cat that helped me understand the world from a cat’s perspective.

at 19 pounds, Big Stan was quite the presence. his soft white fur reminded me of a bunny and his patchy markings were very bovine. his big beautiful expressive green eyes were my favourite feature of his.

he wasn’t the most affectionate cat…some might call him cantankerous, but Stanny and i were friends…as long as i didn’t touch his big belly!

he ran into the kitchen at the very sound of the can opener in use (hoping for tuna juice), he loved to squish himself into the smallest of boxes, sleep in the bathroom sink and he had a bit of a shoe fetish.

he was a very vocal cat and i will always be able to hear his “MMMM-ROURRRRR-WROOOOOOOOOOORW!” and his guttural vibrato in my mind…forever. and that will make me smile.

mostly an indoor car, Stanley was allowed an outdoor adventure in the backyard every now and then. but we didn’t fully trust him, so we put him on a harness and a long leash. but the Houdini that he was, he got out of it every time…and we never figured out how he did it!

he survived meeting Tichka, Cameron the hyper new kitten and Little Dude invading his territory. the last 3 years of his life, Stanley reigned in his own kingdom with Scott. i would like to think that a small part of him missed the rest of the gang…but probably not.

Scott, you gave Stanley an amazing life and we will miss him too.

Marcia, Boogie, Smeagol and The Minkers xoxo

he had the most gorgeous green eyes.

when Stanley met Tichka…it was NOT love at first sight.

but they played eventually…

and explored the world together. Stanny was such a handsome boy! he loved squishing himself into small boxes...

sleeping in the bathroom sink…

and he had an unabashed shoe fetish.

i learned so much about viewing the world from a cat’s perspective from Stanley.

always so expressive, you could always tell when he wasn’t in a good mood.

good mood or bad, whatever you do…DO NOT TOUCH HIS BELLY! (although it was hard to resist at times).

Tanny the snuggle bunny with the softest fur.

when Cameron came into Stanley’s life, it took time for him to adjust to her kittenish antics.

but we enjoyed many an entertaining cat fights as their relationship grew.

eventually there came a time where they all co-existed in peace…especially when treats were on the menu.

he loved relaxing in the backyard…

but we didn’t always trust him to stay in the yard, so we harnessed him on a long leash. Houdini got out of it EVERY TIME! and we never figured out how.

Stanny once enjoyed a long weekend in Muskoka…lucky cat. Stanny did his best to put up with the newest invader of his world…Little Dude. this is one of my favourite Stanny outtakes.

Scott, you gave your buddy an amazing 16 years.

he loved relaxing in his basket in the bedroom window.

Stanny, you taught me so much about cats. as i’m going through these old photos, i can really see how my work has evolved. thank you for being my first kitty model and friend. i will miss you always. xoxo

14 comments on “Farewell Stanley”

  1. Eileen says:

    What a beautiful cat! Great shots of him, Marce. It’s easy to see he was loved!

  2. Naomi says:

    We have a white&grey with those same gorgeous green eyes. RIP dearest Stanley.

  3. Tara says:

    i agree with eileen. my faves are the first shot, the one of him in profile, and both basket shots. i’m sorry you lost your first kitty marcia. x

  4. Lydia G says:

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful memories

  5. Cec says:

    Oh Stanny….he was a big old softie under that gruff exterior. We’ll miss ya big guy!
    Great photos Marce, as always you captured his spirit perfectly!

  6. scott says:

    Thanks Marce. Very nicely done.

  7. Vickie Sparks says:

    Now that looks like a cat with cat-titude! Love the markings and those gorgeous green eyes. I love the photo of him smooshed against the wall – it looks like he was sitting, but then slowly slid down to the floor, and made it look like it was on purpose!
    It is always hard to lose a friend – so sorry for your loss.

  8. I feel like I know Stanny a bit now so I would say that you have given him an absolutely wonderful tribute, Marcia! You really captured his personality and got some terrific photos of him. Thank you as always for sharing even when it’s so hard to see a loved one pass on.

  9. Sandy says:

    So sorry to hear about Stanley.. What a beauty he was!! I love the photos… Treasure the memories…….. Thinking of you….


  10. Kristen says:

    Beautiful shots Marcia. You can see how loved he was by both you and Scott. The sink and box shots are probably two of my most favorites. Sorry for the loss. Just think he is somewhere where there is an endless supply of tuna juice, sinks, small boxes, shoes of every color and size for his collection and where no one would dare go near his belly. Rest in Peace Stanley.

  11. Thanks Marce for creating this- Stanley was loved by all and he was a lucky “little” guy to have had such a wonderful father that took such good care of him. He will be sadly missed but he indeed did have a good life. RIP sweet Stanley. 🙁

  12. I love your images and share your passion for animals 🙂 Amazing work.

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