Welcome Home Puppy

I was so excited to receive an invite from a lovely young family to capture their first puppy’s homecoming…and I was in on the surprise too!

Their two children weren’t expecting Zack, the English Cocker Spaniel puppy, home until the weekend, but mom picked him up a few days early. The look on their faces…especially of their 9-year daughter was priceless!

Being able to experience the pure joy from an outsider’s perspective was amazing! It immediately transported me back to the day when my mom brought my first puppy home when I was just about her age. It was the happiest day of my little life so far…and it was a life defining moment.

As I watched this little girl bond with her new puppy, i’ll admit, I got a little choked up (and also secretly wished that my family had the brilliant idea of documenting the day with professional photos…or any photos at all for that matter).

Thank you, Sandra, and family for being for forward-thinking and allowing me to share this momentous day with you. To know that I helped create memories for you to enjoy in years to come, makes me feel incredibly honoured.

Welcome home Zack…you’re going to have a great life!


This is the first moment Zack met his new sister as she got in the door from school…Mom did say she would have a special treat for you after school!

The newly-introduced-future-best-friends spend time bonding. Let’s play!

Kisses for her new puppy…TRUE LOVE!

My goodness…those eyes!
I kept thinking, if only I had a shot like this with my first puppy. She is going to love this as she gets older.
Dad walks in to meet Zack (who has the best ‘sad face’ I have ever seen. )
When Zack’s big brother came home from school, he greeted him at the door with a happy wagging tail.
I love watching kids and puppies together.

There’s nothing like a little ear tickle to help you bond.

The family all together, with their newest, smallest and furriest member.

Little Zack checking out his new kitchen (known to the family as the Abbey Road shot).

Zack got a tour of the rest of the house, starting with the kids’ bedrooms…lots of toys to play with there!

Zack loved checking himself out in the master bedroom mirror…”hello, handsome.”

We took him out in the snow and at first he wasn’t sure what to make of it (notice him laying in the only patch of grass).

But snuggles helped him come out of his shell.By the time I left he did his very first business outside (both #1 and #2) and was sniffing around, checking out the yard.

We definitely tired Zack out….what a whirlwind of a day for the wee boy. Welcome home buddy. It’s going to be a great life!


When i went back to visit a few weeks later, I took a few more photos. It was amazing to see how much he changed in that short amount of time.

I am smitten with his nose freckles and the red eye-brow patch.

9 comments on “Welcome Home Puppy”

  1. Marcy Borelli says:

    OMG!!!! These pictures are so awesome! I am starting to understand why you are so revered!!!

  2. Laila says:

    these are such precious photos….you really captured the special moments…I can see how you love your work !

  3. Danica says:

    Oh, Marcia! I’m a little choked up, too! These are wonderful! Now I want a puppy (rescue folks, do not listen to me. I do not need another puppy).

  4. Lydia G says:

    Such beautiful photos – almost made me cry 🙂

  5. Cynthia Oliver says:

    Such beautiful pictures—So personal and touching. The children, and their intentness in learning who their new puppy is, and loving him so openly from the get go…or so it appears…warms my heart. The puppy on the leather couch, curious about his girl, the kissing, and the tickle face of the beautiful young boy as his puppy nuzzles into his ear are my faves. What a terrific and precious record for this family!

  6. Tara Enever says:

    i too love these photos. what a lucky puppy zack is and he seems so content! the markings on zacks paws are cool … in the black and white shots, it looks like his feet are muddy! : D

  7. Sandra Magill says:

    Your photos are works of art that will hang in our home for many years to come! Even though Zack is my shadow, each day I see the bond between Olivia & Zack growing. That said Will & Zack have a pretty cool thing going on now too! I know that we will always treasure these moments that you captured and I am so glad we decided to do the session on the day we did!

  8. Naomi Claire says:

    oh my goodness… SO. ADORABLE. every kid should have a puppy!! the kids will treasure these for life. amazing work, marcia!!

  9. Nina says:

    You captured some fantastic expressions from Zack. What a face! Love, love, love this session. These will be cherished memories for sure. Our black lab is now 16 and very feeble, and I’d give anything to have pictures like this of him as a puppy. The time goes by SO quickly!

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