Weekly Facebook Round-Up

well, it’s been such a busy week with my exciting contest and some interesting work on the side, that i didn’t have time to gather all my fun Marcia Leeder Photography Facebook page posts from last week.

so here they are for you to enjoy and forward to your friends who can use some puppy lovin’.


my apologies, if i didn’t get back to you yesterday…i was sort of busy being chest-deep in puppies! All Juiced Up Bulldogges – Olde English Bulldogges…I love you all!

good morning snow!

my pal Loki just received the good news that her tumour is benign! Yaay! that deserves a big-ear-jump-for-joy!

the ‘Meeting of the Minds’ is now in session. (I really hope they’re not planning a mutiny.)

guess what kind of puppy dog belongs to this adorable pink-striped nose.

the owner of the sweet pink nose, is Luka, a 16-week old Husky puppy! thank you to everyone for playing along.

after i client told me she was getting a tattoo of her dog referencing one of my photos, i found out another client already has a tattoo from one of my photos. crazy cool!

i present to you…your zen moment of the week.

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