Weekly Facebook Round-Up

From Family Day to the Oscars…last week was a fun one! I love hearing what your favourites are in the comments below. Enjoy!


I hope everyone gets to spend some quality ‘together time’ with their loved ones today. HAPPY FAMILY DAY!

“Hello, my name is Barney. You will fall in love with me in 3…2…1. Thank you. My work here is done.”

On Monday, i spent some quality time with this gorgeous family (the Wheatley Waterdogs)…talk about puppy love!

Someone received an early birthday present this week…and he’s pretty much the best gift ever! Today i wish my buddy Sam a Happy 4th Birthday! ‘Auntie Meecia’ loves you!

QUESTION: how would you prefer your images be displayed…5×7 print or 30×45 canvas? ya, i thought so. (click here for more Kim and Red)Archie Rule #187: never leave brunch ingredients unattended on the counter. talk about having ‘egg on your face’…literally. We ran into our friends (and fellow brother/sister team) Denver and River leaving the park just as we arrived.

Any thoughts on the Oscars last night? FYI: Archie is now in talks for hosting next year (and yes, he is wearing ‘Archmani’).

One comment on “Weekly Facebook Round-Up”

  1. Vickie Sparks says:

    Hands down, my favourite photo this week is the schnazzy looking Archie on Oscar night – that’s one cool cat!

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