Spring Cleaning With The Ginger Gang

running both a business and a household by yourself has it’s challenges…i’ll admit, most household chores continuously fall further and further down the ‘to do’ list.

case in point: the backyard.

i hadn’t finished raking up the leaves in the fall before the snow came. now that it’s all melted, i have quite the eyesore of a yard. every inch is covered with crusty brown leaves, not to mention major debris from the trees as well as some bones, a few brown bombs, some dead toys and a basketball (which i have no idea where it came from).

it was a gorgeous day yesterday (the official first day of Spring), so i took the crew out in the yard and began the big cleanup.

Tichka and LD were all frisky, as they romped and played and wrestled with each other. Cameron was the happiest cat ever, being allowed outside for her first unsupervised romp since the fall (although she pleaded with me all winter to let her out). she stretched out in her favourite place to hang…the kitchen roof (no, i’m not kidding…check out at the photos).

i kept Archie inside for most part and he sat quietly and patiently at the patio door. i eventually let him out and he enjoyed sniffing and exploring everything. i got a little choked up seeing them all together outside for the first time. i am so excited for lazy summer Sundays, lounging in the long grass, picnics, barbecues…(sigh).

during ‘Spring Cleanup Phase One’, i manged to fill four paper yard bags before i called it a day. i have to say, i find breaking sticks with my knee extremely therapeutic. “take THAT, stick! HA”

there is still more work to do…but it was a good start. i have big plans for the yard this year…perhaps i will actually plant something in the vegetable garden? maybe some flowers? potted plants? ah…who am i kidding? i think i should just hire a lawn boy!

(p.s. i am very happy to finally feature Miss Cameron in a post…sometimes i feel she’s a bit neglected.)


My crew: three outside and one in. The dogs obviously didn’t care about the barren wasteland around them…they had fun all the same.

Sir Archie sits patiently inside and doles out the waste bags. “You may have this one.”

“Please momma, let me outside.”

“But Cameron gets to go out…so not fair!”

Cameron makes her ascent to her favourite lounging spot.

She loves to chirp and mew at me from atop her throne of power.

She freaks me out a bit when she rubs herself on the shed roof edge.

“I’m the Queen of the Castle!”

Aah, yes…there’s nothing quite like roof tiles to scratch that itch.

My pretty girl, all covered in leaves and twigs.

Oh, but she’s not done climbing yet… Can you spot her?

Yes, she’s finally in her happy place…the kitchen rooftop.

Archie finally comes out for his very first Spring adventure in the yard.

He checks out every nook and cranny.

Kitty cats on patrol.

The dogs give Archie a quick lesson in the bone domain off-limit areas.

It warmed my heart to see my gang hanging together outside on a beautiful spring day! Now if only they knew how to use a rake…

7 comments on “Spring Cleaning With The Ginger Gang”

  1. Lisa says:

    It was a beautiful day! What a great way to spend it. Oh my gosh, Cameron on the roof…that’s too much!! I would be scared, but it looks like she’s a pro at climbing. Wonderful photos!

  2. Rose says:

    AMAZING to see them all together and how they get along so well! Cameron is a funny funny cat. Reminds me that I need to do some yard clean-up.

  3. Crystal says:

    Archie is getting big!! I love how he walks with his tail up. Reggie is still a little scrawny cat, and Moose is quite plump now and talks all the time!
    I love the picture of LD, Tichka, and Archie, you can see how they all communicate and get along.
    And Cam! She reminds me of Moose more and more.
    My fave pic is when she’s scratching her back on the roof. She’s got the pleased look in her eyes.
    Such a great gang! <3

  4. Lydia G says:

    I love how you call them brown bombs.
    The love the pictures of Cameron.
    Poor Archie stuck in the house. I was out doing a bit of cleaning and all i could see my youngest cat at the window meowing at me. All i saw was the mouth moving and the eyes squinting in the sunlight

  5. Vickie Sparks says:

    Great pics – but I am amazed you got anything done! I’d spend the whole time watching them all explore and have adventures!

  6. Tara Enever says:

    marcia, these are great, your ginger gang are so sweet together! you captured some truly gorgeous shots of both cameron and archie. cats do love to be up high, where they can have an eye on everything!

  7. Jules Pereira says:

    I love this post! Cameron is such a beautiful girl – I’m glad she got a blog post (almost) all to herself! My tortie girl loves going up on the roof and teasing my other kitty that he’s not nimble enough to follow her.. definitely made my day reading this one..

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