Weekly Facebook Round-up

Here is last week’s round-up of Facebook posts. As usual I love to hear what your favourites are and why!

it’s was a windy day down at the beach yesterday (as Tichka’s ears could tell you).NOTE TO SELF: invent a kitty-proof TP holder and make millions.

a shoot on a super snowy day is technically a challenge, but thankfully i have the most awesome clients who are always game for the adventure.

i thought it was very sweet of the Saluki puppy to sing Happy Birthday to you, Lin.

this sweet boy is still looking for a home, if you can believe it! any takers?! (UPDATE: He found one!)during a recent session, this gorgeous beast of a cat skulked up onto the neighbouring fence and demanded that i photograph him. isn’t he stunning?! looks like a wildcat!

Holly (who i photographed here for Dogs in Canada Magazine), has been the top Dalmatian 3 out of the past 4 years and has achieved agility titles that no other Dal in Canada has, including the Gold Award of Merit. Other exciting news is that her person, Lisa Martin, has started a series of books about her. Check out Holly the Deaf Dalmatian!

Archie has a new friend.

Sunday morning i took the dogs for a 2-hour adventure in the woods. these are the happy faces that make my heart soar.

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  1. I really like that Stranger Cat photo, what a gorgious cat! But my favorite one has to be the last one of Tichka and little dude. The joy in their faces just fills the page and this is what we all live for. Thanks for sharing the joy!

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