New Orleans Lab Rescue

I want to tell you all about a wonderful new rescue organization that homes labs and lab mixes all over the United States and Canada (and all about the adorable rescue puppy that I photographed for them).

…or rather, I will have Pam Hrycyk, who is on the Board of Directors (and one of the foster mommas here in Canada), tell you in her own words:

“Kim Breaux has been pulling dogs from high-kill shelters in Louisiana for years. She would nurse them better if they were sick, vet them and then when they were ready, she would send them to a rescue to find their forever homes. She did all this on her own. Last summer, with the help of her friends, she took the big step of organizing New Orleans Lab Rescue.

I’ve known Kim for years and I was honoured when she asked me to be on the Board of Directors. In September 2010, she pulled our first dog – Courage. After failing to find a home in New Orleans, Courage moved to Canada. He was my first foster dog for the rescue and within a month he had a brand new family.
Since September 2010, NOLA Lab Rescue has placed 5 dogs in new loving homes (4 in Canada) and we have another 3 who are still looking. Right now, we have 4 foster homes – one in each of Louisiana, Tennessee,  Colorado and Canada. Finding foster homes is an urgent need right now – we get emails everyday about dogs in danger and we’re unable to bring them home. For example, we received an email about a beautiful 1.5 year old black lab in Alabama that was found as a stray – we don’t have a foster home that can take him. If you know anyone in Alabama, we would love to hear from them!
Tater (the dog photographed below) ended up with Kim after he was dumped at a high-kill shelter that was in the midst of a parvo virus outbreak. Parvo can be deadly to puppies and Tater was far too young to be there. The shelter called Kim and asked her if she could take the puppy. Once Tater was cleared by the vet, he flew to Canada to stay with me. He was approximately 10 weeks old when he arrived. Since I was on vacation, I had time to work with Tater and Tater needed socialization with dogs – Brandy and Grizzelda (my dogs) had some work to do too!
Tater handled the flight perfectly – he was happy, healthy and playful when we got him out of his travelling crate. One of his problems was that he ended up at the shelter when he was approximately 5 weeks old. He had NO bite inhibition which is something they normally learn from their litter mates and mom.  It’s a frequent problem with puppies who are sent home too young. Tater quickly learned that all play stopped if he bit too hard and by the time he went to his new family – he had learned to use his mouth softly. Tater is a fun loving, playful puppy who didn’t show any real fears or lack of confidence. For the first few days, whenever Brandy and Grizz wanted to escape they would go out the dog door. It take long for Tater to figure out how to follow them – much to their dismay!  I’m looking forward to seeing Tater this weekend – his family and I will be getting together at Jack Darling Park in Mississauga Saturday afternoon. I can’t wait to see how much he’s grown.”

You can check out the NOLA Lab Rescue website for rescue stories, available dogs or to find out how you can get involved. Yhey also keep their Facebook Page updated with all the latest photos.

but now you must meet…


How someone could abandon a face so sweet is so unbelievable!

Especially one as charming as his!

Thankfully Kim, the founder of New Orleans Lab Rescue came to his rescue.

Tater was then brought to Canada.Pam fostered him here and found him a home, almost right away.

I know she will miss this little lovebug, but is happy that she is able to keep in contact with his new family (and see him on occasion).

When Tater met my cat Archie it was a bit of a love fest!

I think Archie helped Tater curb his nipping issues.

Thank you, Tater, for cleaning up the crumbs (and brightening up my day).

He was even a good enough boy to do his business outside.

10 comments on “New Orleans Lab Rescue”

  1. Kristen Krempasky says:

    YAH for Tater, NOLA, Pam & Kim!!! Marcia, thank you for spotlighting them!! Too bad you didn’t get a chance to photograph Pam’s first foster, Courage, he was a ladies man!! I had the honor of helping transport him from NO to Canada!

  2. Pam says:

    Marcia – You are such an amazing photographer! Tater’s pictures are awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing our story and taking the time to meet Tater.

  3. Carol Haynes says:

    Awesome awesome pictures as always Marcia! I absolutely love the one of Pam looking at Tater Tot!

  4. Judy says:

    Beautiful, gorgeous pictures!! Love them all! Yaaaaaaa for Tater!!

  5. Anouk says:

    Marce! You are THE best! As always I love the story, the commentary with each shot, the humour, the love…even catching him winking?!?! Come on! Love every shot. Love Tater too.

  6. Vickie Sparks says:

    OMG – what a cutie-p-tutie (sp?!) And he loves the camera! Great story- thanks for sharing

  7. That little Tater Tot is adorable! How can people be so heartless and then others so giving? I don’t think I will ever understand. I am so pleased that he found a great home.

  8. He’s a real sweetie pie face!! I can’t believe that anyone could abandon him either, but the God of puppies was looking out for him because he’s got a new family now. These photos are awesome and the ones with Tater and Archie are especially fun!

  9. Nicole says:

    A man that I’ve taken care of off n on for years, has an elderly black lab that has tape worms and heart worms. He doesn’t have money to help dog…. ANY SUGGESTIONS for Sam’s relief?????

  10. Robin Compton says:

    Love the photos…

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