winter woofstock 2010

last weekend i attended the Winter Woofstock Holiday High Tea. this past weekend me and my pups attended the Winter Woofstock event. along with a couple of awesome human friends (thank you!), i also brought along my camera…but due to the overwhelming crowds and poor overhead florescents (every photographer’s lighting nightmare) i decided it wasn’t the right time to take lots of photos. instead i reserved a few shots for a few of my furry friends we ran into along the way.


Tichka waited patiently while I stopped and chatted to all the vendors…that’s my girl! (and yes, this is her “i’m so sweet, give me a treat” look).

Little Dude never tired of getting lovin’ from friends we met along the way.

Logan, from The Hydrant, was sporting the hottest trend in winter doggy fashions. “He’s a maniac, maniac on the floor…”and one more close-up on the toes. Lindsay, you crack me up!

Spencer (#1), manned the Sasha’s Blend table. He was even generous enough to share his cheesy snacks with us (yes, i tried a dog treat).

At the Dogs In Canada booth, I was delighted to see my cat cover in poster size, alongside the talented Sue Bird‘s puppy cover (for scale check out the magazine in the left of the frame).

The graceful and dainty Denver napped like a queen under the Dogs In Canada display.

Storm was also hanging at the Dogs In Canada booth. Spencer (#2), my second favourite dog with big ears, hung out like a trooper at the Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital booth all weekend.

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  1. Great photos, as usual, Marcia! Logan’s legwarmers crack me up! I honestly wonder sometimes about what they must think when their humans dress them up like that…especially the ones that dye their fur. Not sure I’m agreeable to that, but it does make for some interesting sights and photos. I honestly don’t think I could resist giving Little Dude lots of love either because that cute face of his is irresistible!

    I just wanted to share that when I was at the summer Woofstock this year I ran into the staff from the Kingston Road Animal Hospital at the emergency hospital booth and they are absolutely fabulous people! I used to live 5 minutes from their hospital on Kingston Road at Victoria Park and they remembered me from when my Springer Spaniel/Terrier cross, Geldof, had surgery there in early 2004. Because of their expert care, my very sick dog (he had a bacterial infection and a blocked colon), lived another 2 1/2 years to the ripe old age of 15 1/2. I spent $5,000 on Geldof that year but it was worth every penny to have that extra time with him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the staff at Kingston Road Animal Hospital!

  2. P.S. Congratulations on your wonderful Cats in Canada cover!!

  3. I was there over the weekend, helping a vendor man her booth. I remember that Dobie with the leg warmers, she was so cute 🙂

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