archie’s antics

i know i haven’t posted a client blog in way too long (and i have so many awesome shoots to share)…but i must admit, i am kind of obsessed with my new little pal. here are a few hilarious videos of some of his interactions with his furry siblings this week.

CATCHIN’ TAIL (starring Archie, Tichka and Little Dude) – the curious kitten, has found a favourite new toy…it wags, it wiggles, it is attached to a dog.

Catchin’ Tail from Marcia Leeder Photography on Vimeo.

(starring Archie and Cameron) – this is actually an improvement on their interaction.

I GIVE! from Marcia Leeder Photography on Vimeo.

2 comments on “archie’s antics”

  1. Crystal says:

    I adopted Moose and Reggie after looking at the Toronto Cat Rescue website, and your blog, I love them so much and they’re doing great.
    It’s great to see an update on their brother!

  2. They made me laugh out loud! The dogs are so tolerant of Archie (who is a star!) and Cameron won’t put up with his antics at all! Way too cute!!

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