The Hot ‘Dog Days’ Of Summer

Here in toronto, we are experiencing a record high for summer temperatures…and it doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.

Here is my list of tips for keeping your pets cool this summer:

1. If you don’t have central air, limit your animals to the lower floors in your home…

or find other ways to help the air circulate, while also making your dog feel like a supermodel.

2. Take them to the closest body of water for a refreshing swim.

3. If you don’t have water nearby, fill up a kiddie pool for them to take a dip in…

or better yet run the sprinkler for them to attack!

4. Be cautious when you take them to the beach. The scorching hot sand can burn their foot pads. Test it on your feet first.

5. Limit their time in direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day. Not only can they develop heat exhaustion, they can get a sunburn on their nose and skin.

6. Make sure there is available shade for them when they are outside (ie. a tree, under the porch).

7. Always leave fresh cool water available to them at home or try tossing them a few ice cubes to crunch on…they might enjoy it!

8. Slways bring fresh water on your daily walks…

Or be creative if you forget your bottle at home.

9. Make sure you keep their hair trimmed during the hot months.

10. Never leave them in the car. NEVER EVER.

BONUS: Remember, cats can overheat too, so make sure to keep your kitties cool too!

If you have any other great tips on how to keep your animals cool, please leave them in the comment section below.


5 comments on “The Hot ‘Dog Days’ Of Summer”

  1. Gorgeous dogs. Great pics!

  2. Kristen McKay says:

    Oh my God the picture of Cameron at the end is priceless. Great tips to know. I didn’t know about the ice cube thing at all.

  3. Dwyn Tomlinson says:

    Point number 4 – “the ground is hot” is a good one – and folks tend to forget it. Asphalt and concrete sidewalks can burn too. The photos to illustrate this list are a delight!

  4. Great tips!! And even better pics. I love it.

    A few others:

    – don’t shave your dog in the summer as it exposes their skin to direct sunlight, causing sunburns. It can also mean that you’ve removed their undercoat which acts as a sunblocking barrier and an insulating layer (keeping the cool in).

    – use canine sunblock if you have to – don’t worry about the mess.

    – limit the ice cubes to a small handful every hour or two – it can cause dehydration since the body has to work harder to warm the water for processing.

    – keep a white facecloth in your bag when you’re out – you can soak it and lay it over their head to help cool them faster.

    – keep YOURSELF hydrated and cool; what use will you be if you have sunstroke? Your dog is likely not going to read these tips so he won’t know to call your GP. LOL

    Nicely done, Marcia!!

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