Kittens Available For Adoption

The other day I met a recently-stray momma cat and her five 3-week-old kittens. Needless to say my heart melted at the sight of the first (of three) ginger tabbies. There really isn’t anything much cuter than a teeny tiny kitten mew, is there?

They were found living under porch of the woman who is currently caring for them. Unfortunately she is deathly allergic to cats and therefore not able to keep them in her home. Thankfully Toronto Cat Rescue will be stepping in and taking the feline family to housed safety on Friday. All five kittens (1 black, 1 white with patches and 3 ginger tabbies) and momma (a stunning tortoiseshell) will be available for adoption through them.

In the meantime, they are looking for a foster family to care for them while they are still feeding from their momma. If you are open to bringing these little beauties into your home for a few weeks, please contact me.

Please forward this post on to your kitty loving friends, so we can find homes for all of them!

FUN FACT: Just like us, all kittens (and other baby animals) are born with blue eyes. Melanin, the brown pigment molecule that colors our skin, hair, and eyes, hadn’t been fully deposited in the irises of their eyes or darkened by exposure to ultraviolet light.

UPDATE: Click here to check the kittens out at 8-weeks old.

6 comments on “Kittens Available For Adoption”

  1. georgie says:

    hahah they all look so angry!! and there’s a mini “basement cat” there too! i can just hear their tiny meows
    i hope they get adopted

  2. Kristen McKay says:

    Oh my God they are so cute. I want to adopt them. Think James would be upset to come home to these cuties. The orange ones face is just so sad looking. I love the blue eyes on the black one. Great photos Marcia stunning as always.

  3. Kristen McKay says:

    Beautiful shots Marcia. I so wish I could take them all home. The one of the black one with his mouth open I’m assuming meowing is so cute. I love them all.

  4. tabitha says:

    if i didn’t already have 3…

  5. Nancy Lismer says:

    I am going to talk to the hubby about fostering them in our self contained basement apartment.

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