molly and her mom

it’s been a busy time for me lately and i apologize that haven’t blogged a client session in a long time…too long! there are so many shoots to catch up on and show off…

i couldn’t think of a more worthy session to share today than the one of miss molly and her mom eileen (the birthday girl!).

meet molly, the little ragamuffin Shih Tzu. at 14 years old, she may be as blind as a bat and missing most of her teeth (hence the stick-out tongue), but dang is she not a cutie?

molly is happiest hanging beside her mom on the couch. they have been together since molly was 10 weeks old. referring to her ex-husband, eileen jokes that the dog lasted longer than the relationship.

isn’t that true for so many of us, ladies? men may come and go…

wishing you a happy birthday eileen!

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