my escape

being a single home-owner, i often feel overwhelmed trying to get all the never-ending odd jobs and chores done around my almost 100 year-old house.

the outside work seems to be an added challenge, because not only do i have to wait to find the time (and motivation), but i also have to wait for the appropriate weather (so long april showers!). whether it’s raking the leaves, squirrel-proofing the eaves, setting up the patio furniture, de-weeding the grass, tending the garden…
i almost never get a chance to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

i am happy to report that for the first time, in a long long time, i finally got that chance this weekend. i put all my chores aside, prepared a cozy spot on my lawn and made time for myself to relax and enjoy a good book. sorry, correction…GREAT BOOK (i am totally in love and i can’t put it down)!!!!

all three of my monsters snuggled up with me and we had a good hour of relaxation before the phone started ringing off the hook (dang commitments).

i also feel so lucky that i have these two monstrous trees in my backyard (they are the tallest ones on my entire street and rare for a yard in Toronto).

i love lying on my back, gazing up and soaking in their glorious magnitude. they are a daydreamer’s delight!

hopefully i will find…err…MAKE time to enjoy this simple pleasure again very soon.

sidenote: i still need help carrying a washer and dyer out to the curb…so if anyone wants to visit…

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  1. Mel says:

    I really enjoyed this post! I’d like to be sitting there with you and the pups reading a book too! The backyard looks beautiful!

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