miss britty

meet the teeny tiny british bulldog (from Maximus Kennel in Schomberg, ON) with the face that some say “only a mother could love”…to those folks i scold, “how could you not love that face?!”

ladies and gentleman…i present Britty:

she was the runt of her litter and she has the most adorable ‘mini’ ear (one of her MANY nicknames is ‘nemo’ …get it? little fin…little ear…) and her tongue doesn’t always fit in her mouth…bless.

here are some more fun facts about the little character that is miss britty:

she loves people, chipmunks, wearing clothes and flirting with passengers in cars driving by. she’s pretty sure that the world revolves around her (which it does most of the time) and she gets her knickers in a twist if anyone else gets any form of attention while she’s around.

christmas is her absolute favourite time of the year. she sits by the tree for weeks waiting for her presents to arrive and when they do she takes liberties opening them herself (sometimes before christmas morning). once open it takes her about 2 and a half minutes to destroy them.

oh ya she also has the worst breath in town!

love da britty…

“you expect ME to come to YOU”? “let me in people!”

“what’choo talkin’ ’bout, willis?!”

i think there might be future in canine orthodontics.

that tongue kills me…just kills me!love the mini ear!

3 comments on “miss britty”

  1. Julie Brissenden says:

    Amazing job Marcia. I have been laughing all day! Britty is very happy to hear that she is now famous.as if she wasn’t enough of a diva already!

  2. tabitha says:

    i love britty!!!!

  3. You’re right, how could you not love that face??? I can definitely sense the ‘don’t mess with me/ the world revolves around me’ attitude… lol

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