it’s a little tichka dude!

i often have people ask me, “are your dogs related?”

my answer is always, “only by love”.

yes they absolutely do resemble each other, there is no doubt and no coincidence there. i guess i also have ‘a type’ of dog as well as a type of man. tall, dark and handsome translates in canine to small, slender and redheaded…ha, ha.

recently i photographed them both face on and looking at the images gave this wacky idea that i would see just how alike they are by merging the photo.

here’s the result (it totally cracks me up!)…


next up: just how close they resemble the cat!

One comment on “it’s a little tichka dude!”

  1. Haha, still eerily creepy in a cute kind of way to me…

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