bulldog puppy love

meet penny…errrrrr, i mean tikka.

when i met this 8 week old olde english bulldog last week, her name was still to be decided. her mom may have lost the coin toss, but she remains incredibly fortunate to bring this adorable little whipper home. check out those schmooshy jowls and that pattable puppy belly…I LOVE! i am even a sucker for stinky puppy breath. it was hard for me to let her go. i may have made the mistake of allowing her amuse herself with my slippers (sorry erin i hope i didn’t start a bad habit!).

what a little sweetheart!


mama’s baby the way she is sitting with that little foot is sooooo freaking cute. i am smitten with her multi-coloured toe nails.

One comment on “bulldog puppy love”

  1. Erin says:

    Those photos turned out even better than I expected!

    Makes me want to run home and hug the little girl 🙂

    Beautiful as always Marcia 🙂

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