angus and wallace

meet angus (the one-eyed pirate) and his brother by love, wallace, two of the most spirited Dachshunds i have ever met…bouncing around like puppies, in and out their doggy door (mostly in, because of the chilly day). you would never guess that they are 14 and 12 years old respectively. aren’t they just the cutest little guys?! they are definitely momma’s boys…not letting her out of their sight for a second and showering her with kisses at every opportunity.

to view more photos of these characters and their family, play the video below the images.

Angus and Wallace’s video:

3 comments on “angus and wallace”

  1. melissa says:

    marcia, you are just a delightful photographer!! a puppy playdate is over due for us! ;o)

    your pics always make me smile!

  2. Bob Leeder says:

    Marcia – Es and I had twin dachshunds – Dieter and Mitzendorfer –
    they were wonderful dogs! One attached himself to Es (Mitzendorfer), and one attached himself to me (Dieter – pronounced DEE-ter). Once again, your photos are terrific.
    We enjoyed them immensely.

  3. Loved the photos and the video. Not surprised at all that you’ve taken more incredible photos. What does surprise me is how one shoot after another your photographs get better and better.

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