santa is scary!

a friend of mine recently shared a photo of her daughter sitting on santa’s knee crying hysterically and it made me think (after it made me chuckle)…

about 99% of the photos i have seen of kids under the age of two with santa have pretty much been the same scenario. santa sitting there, not knowing what to do as the child he is holding screams their head off, arms stretched out to be rescued…absolutely terrified of him!

(the photo below is me at 15 months, freaked out by santa too, with my dad swooping in for the rescue.)

think about it…to be forced from the arms of your loving parent into the lap of this odd-looking strange man. how would you feel? i would still be freaked out to this day if someone made me sit in santa’s lap!

i also find it funny…even though a child’s first reaction to santa is so incredibly horrifying, but then one magical day…he’s the radest dude in the whole wide world! so when does that happen? oh right…when they discover presents!

for more photos like this, check out this hilarious website: sketchy santas


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  1. OMG look at his schnoz! I would have been scared too! So cute.

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