cyrus the dog photographer

it’s no secret…i love dogs and i love photography. so when i came across this story recently, it immediately spoke to my heart.

cyrus is not your regular ‘dog photographer’. he’s a little different, you see…cyrus has four legs and a tail.

yep, that’s right! he’s actually a dog who’s a photographer.

his momma athena, an incredibly gifted photographer in her own right, taught cyrus to use a camera. how lucky she was…to see the world through his eyes. that thought gets me all choked up. what an amazing bond they had together.

sadly, cyrus passed away on september 13 of this year (at the age of 13), but his memory lives on through his photographs. athena has put a book together as well as exhibits in their home state of montana. the special bond they had is apparent with their project ‘a dog and his girl’.

visit his website wet stinky dog for more details.

check out the video below of cyrus and athena at work:

a Dog and His Girl from Athena Lonsdale on Vimeo.


One comment on “cyrus the dog photographer”

  1. athena says:

    Hi, I’m glad you like Cyrus’s work. We had a lot of fun together….
    to see the opening night of our show…it’s a fun time lapse of the event….thanks for promoting my project.

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