i want to tell you about this awesome dog breed i just discovered…

friends of mine visited me recently and they brought along their new puppy, pepper. when they told me he’s a schapendoe, i honestly admitted that i was not familiar with the breed.

i did know one thing though…and that’s pepper’s just about one of the cutest little guys i have ever seen (not to mention so well-behaved for such a youngster)!

schapendoes (pronounced skapendoes) or dutch sheepdog, originate from the netherlands. this herding breed, that was once endangered, has now steadily gained popularity in their homeland as well as parts of europe. mainly used for herding sheep on farms, their reputation for being a great household companion has been growing. due to careful and selective breeding, they remain an extremely rare breed in north america. but because of the selective breeding process, they have no known health issues.

pepper came from Schapendoes Elevage du Bouleau Blanc in quebec.

the schapendoes have a light build which enables them to be very agile. they are extremely alert, brave, intelligent, and are remarkable jumpers. they are very loyal, devoted, clever, and tireless (they would excel at agility or flyball). they are free-thinking, independent, and lively. schapendoes do best in a rural setting and thrive on family interaction.

schapendoes also have a self-cleaning double coat. the outer coat is wavy, long, harsh, and dense. the undercoat is thick and soft. they shed very little to no hair, which is great, but their coat does require frequent brushing to keep it tangle-free.

seriously…how cute is he?! i want one!


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