budding sports photographer?

i was fortunate to attend an NHL game last month here at home. my beloved toronto maple leafs (please keep the ‘losing jokes’ to yourself) vs. the pittsburgh penguins (2008/2009 season stanley cup champions, who also happen to boast the best player in the league, sidney crosby).

excited always to watch pro hockey live, i squealed that much more when i found out that we would be sitting in the front row! that’s right, right up against the boards…a mere sheet of plexiglass separating us from the ice.

(FUN SIDE NOTE: that last time i sat THIS close, i was 10 or 11 years old. my dad took me to the gardens and we sat in the golds! the leafs vs. the oilers during their glory years – gretzky, messier, coffey, fuhr! the leafs lost, but it was magical! i will have to dig up the dorky photo of me in my allan bester jersey. yes, my hearts had bled blue and white for many many years…)

knowing that i was going to be so close i took it as a perfect opportunity to attempt my hand at sports photography. i read the rules for the air canada centre and found out that i was allowed to bring a lens up to 75mm, so i brought my 50mm lens (which has a field of vision close to what the human eye sees). unfortunately that kept me contained within the end of the ice where we were seated, but i wasn’t complaining. i got to see pro players bash each other up against the boards only inches from my face…awesome!

capturing sports can really keep you on your toes and you pretty much have to anticipate anything at anytime. the action is whip fast and in a split second a goal could be scored, a player could wipe out, a hit into the boards can take place. i tried to enjoy the game and not keep my eye in the frame 100% of the time, but i did end up capturing some pretty wicked moments.

i loved it! armed with a bigger lens i might have a future here…ha, ha.

hmmmm…what shall i try next?!


our view from the end zone face-off circle (yep, we were that close)._MG_9752web


the talented sidney crosby, ladies and gentlemen.



the face-off._MG_9694web 

 crosby scores!_MG_9619web


this one was a fun sequence to capture.bodycheck2blog


these guys are huge up close!_MG_9511web


love the ice spray!_MG_9763web


crash part 1: “get outta the way, ref!” _MG_9670web


crash part 2: they go down!_MG_9671web


a rumble breaks out behind the leaf net._MG_9663web


whoopsie daisy! 


the artistic zamboni shot (not my foot obviously), between periods (and almost between pints)._MG_9724web


woohoo! the leafs score! (finally)_MG_9740web


skates and sticks in motion._MG_9745web


as the score clock ticks down the fate is sealed. pens take it 5-2._MG_9791web


good game gentlemen._MG_9804web

2 comments on “budding sports photographer?”

  1. Melissa says:

    you are simply amazing Marcia!!!

    btw: LOVE the cat pic in the Dogs Annual!! GORGEOUS!

  2. sophie mckay says:

    what to say…they are some of the best sport photos i have ever seen. and lord knows i have seen my share.
    what a talented young lady!
    marcia..perhaps you should send the papers some of your work…you have a different bent that is refreshing.

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