fall family walk

i first met one half of this gorgeous family in the summer of 2007, when the star of the photo-shoot was a 2 1/2-year old little boy. 

“e” and his mom met me at riverdale park for our photo play-date. at the time, mom was pregnant with eoin’s little-sister-to-be. here are a few photos from that shoot…


well, just over 2 years later i finally got the chance to meet that baby girl…all grown-up, as her mom, big brother (now almost 5!) and dad met me at taylor creek for a walk in the woods.

this time it was baby sister “fifi”s turn to be the star of the photo-shoot. oh my goodness…she is an absolute doll! i immediately saw the resemblance to her older brother…big sparkly eyes and sweet smile that would melt your heart. she is also the lucky beneficiary of the prettiest head of blonde ringlets i have ever seen. if someone could promise me that i would have kids this cute, i’d be starting tomorrow!

“fifi” is in the “no” stage…which any parent of a 2-year old knows what i’m talking about. the answer to every and any question is “no”. i got a kick out of hearing her sweet little voice saying “no”. so cute!

she was shy at first and stayed close to mommy and daddy and held her baby doll close, but she eventually warmed up. big brother eoin was a great source of entertainment as well for his baby sis. the kids enjoyed a game of hide-and-go-seek, walking along the creek, leaf collecting and lots of general running around.

i think we tired them out!

thanks to the whole family for sticking it out on the chilly fall day with me.

i’m looking forward to the…next one?












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  1. Nadiya says:

    Yes, those are super cute kids! And you captured them so beautifully! wow, Marcia! I want to go have a kid right now just so you can photograph it! lol

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