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i was recently asked to take part in a yoga inspired photo shoot for now 4 youth.

founded by caren cooper, now 4 youth is a non-profit organization that funds at-risk youth to become certified yoga and pilates instructors, offering new career opportunities in the wellness field and most importantly, offering a new path in life.

being a fellow yogini myself, i couldn’t resist lending a helping hand to this project. this past monday at core studio i photographed 8 gorgeous models for the coffee table book that will be available for sale to raise funds for this cause. the book will feature artistic and theatrical yoga, pilates, acrobatic and capoeira poses.

thank you caren and nina for organizing and encouraging. kudos to the makeup and hair artists for their spectacular work and a special thanks to anthony, who offered his lights, his skill and his time to a lowly natural light photographer.

the book launch is scheduled for november 26, 2009 at the richmond stay tuned for more details. 

now, although i have to keep the final poses under wraps,  i couldn’t help but share some of my favorite outtakes from the day…


 our amazing makeup artist omar roessler at work (i am totally stealing his velco glove idea for my lens caps). _MG_7306web


hair stylist dana monkman begins ballerina alice’s dramatic 5-hour hair transformation.



my first victims  models – acrobatic performers /husband and wife team, colin heath & manon beaudoin relax before we are ready to go.n4youttake01


 colin gets some ball action going while we wait for manon’s makeup touch-ups._MG_7356web



 next up is yoga instructor jair moreno, who was a good sport, even when a little person walked into our frame.



  yoga instructor deva datta loosens up before he contorts himself into a very brave pose. _MG_7566web


bridget mair gets the movie star treatment from omar._MG_7552web


wow! seriously?! how gorgeous is she?!_MG_7673web


 the fabulous hair team, dana monkman and charity doone have fun with wardrobe and studio balls._MG_7695web


 now 4 youth founder, the lovely caren cooper acts as a stand-in (or rather a “lay-in”) as we light the set._MG_7738web


  alice granovsky, pilates instructor and former ballerina (who has legs that go on forever!) is ready for her reveal…_MG_7801web


 ta-daaaaa!!!!!! stunning!_MG_7812web


 caren also doubles as the onset tutu fluffer._MG_7775web


 can you believe she’s never modeled before?! she’s a natural!_MG_7777web


 anthony, electric extraordinaire, also doubles as a “lay-in” for me as we play with a possible pose._MG_7837web


nina and caren with talented singer saidah baba talibah who is eyelashed up and ready to go. check out her vblog here where she films the photo shoot at the 5:25 mark. _MG_7885web


caren does some more wardrobe adjustments._MG_7838web


 fabulous work omar. work those lashes girl!_MG_7890web


 last up, but not least, cutie yoga instructor joshua lewis takes a break while we decide what to try next. _MG_7921web

 thanks again everyone for the fun day!

4 comments on “now 4 youth”

  1. Cec says:

    Love it! The ballerina photos are especially great – I totally need that outfit to just wear around the house.

  2. joan says:

    These pics are fabulous! Breathtaking! Fun! Vibrant! Expressive! Imaginative! What about the plump over the hill people?

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