live long and prosper

while i was on hiatus, i went out west to beautiful british columbia (more photos of my trip to come) and i attended a lovely wedding at hart house on deer lake in burnaby.

now, i am the first to admit that i am not a wedding photographer (seriously…please don’t ask me), but i couldn’t help taking a few candids to share with the lovely mckay family (that graciously invited me out there with them).

cameron and renee’s ceremony and reception were refreshingly unique. both of them are trekkies and fans of world of warcraft and the sci-fi touches were there throughout (i was sitting at the “booty bay” table). there were bottles of bubbles and plastic wind-up toys to amuse the guests. and their cake was made out of multi-coloured macaroons!

congratulations you two…may your marriage live long and prosper!



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