we rob banks!

well…in truth it’s more like they steal garden rocks.

jack russell terriers, bonnie and clyde are litter mates, house mates and lifetime partners in crime.

i had a good laugh over the number of ‘victims’ (flayed toy carcasses) scattered all over the lawn. these two are a funny funny pair and definitely suit their gender roles to a “t”. clyde is a scruffy-looking, rough ‘n tumble boy, while sweet little bonnie is such a demure princess. it was a muggy summer day and so i captured a lot of tongue action, while their poor mom sat back (with leg in cast) and watched us play in the backyard.


One comment on “we rob banks!”

  1. Janet says:

    You are amazing and take the best pictures. You managed to capture their personalities to a tee. I loved the all the pictures but especially the one of Clyde sitting on the porch and Bonnie with her tongue out.

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