Farewell Sparky

In January, my friend Kim saw a handsome cattle dog with health issues on an American rescue site. Having a soft spot for cattle dogs and knowing his chances of making it out of that shelter were slim to none, she went to great lengths to foster him. But, it didn’t take long for her to become a foster failure. Sparky fit in so easily with her pack…making for an adorable canine trio.

His health was up and down over the past few months…and Kim kept up hope that he would fully recover. He had some really incredible days (like the day we had our photo shoot in early May), but he had some bad days too. He let her know last week that he was ready to go. Sparky was set free of his pain last Friday.

Kim has the biggest heart of anybody I know…to care for a dog that others would have never even considered bringing into their life. She made his life matter. 

Please send her oodles and oodles of love. Marcia xo

Farewell Sparkyweb

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